The opportunities are out there. Can you capitalize on them?


is a private investment banking and marketing partnership of former professional athletes. We were created by athletes, for athletes to share opportunities through our vast networks. We approach the business world with the same passion and intensity we had back in the day. Connecting people is what we do.

  • We connect corporate buyers with sellers
  • We connect borrowers with lenders
  • We connect consumers with products and services

Former professional athletes make very effective investment bankers and marketers. We used to work down on the field, the track, the court and the ice. Now we’ve moved upstairs to the skybox and the boardroom, where we interact regularly with the same executives, bankers and investors that had season¬† tickets to watch us play.

We have contacts, influence and connectivity we can put to work for you using our national footprint and our access to exclusive top tier venues that make it easy to drive deals.

Contact us at or 336-253-8030