It's All About Relationships

We are oriented around relationships, not transactions, and when we meet we’ll start the discussion with what’s in it for you.

We take relationship building to the next level. Our strategies revolve around the fact that business deals are always a collaboration between investors, attorneys, accountants and bankers. We aggressively and methodically cultivate the important professionals in every market that call the shots and have the power to drive deals.

Although we’ve done our share of one-off deals, we’re most happy when we are helping our friends at every stage in the business lifecycle. We can help you raise capital, increase revenues, attract new customers and even more importantly, keep the ones you have.

Why Athletes Make Great Connectors

We have a long reach

Having played major league sports in major league cities, we know the people you need to connect with. The same people that used to buy season tickets to watch us play are the investment bankers, private equity investors and corporate chieftans who can write the check that will set you free…

We can think on our feet

The day that we got good at this business is the day we realized that no two deals ever go down the same way. Every buyer and every seller is a unique individual with a different set of buttons…

We are oriented around results, not process. When the playbook works, we follow it. When it doesn’t, we draw up a new play. With us, critical thinking and common sense rule the day.


We're very aggressive

The best athletes and the best businesspeople are aggressive and self-confident by nature. We don’t rely on passive methods of doing business that leave the results out of our control. The need to succeed comes from within, and our approach comes from the confidence you can only derive from training and preparation.

We’re not here to compete. We’re here to crush the competition and rack up wins. Professional sports is not a nine to five job and neither is the investment banking world. We don’t wait for our phones to ring. We don’t wait for people to find us. And we don’t necessarily follow standard industry practices if we can engineer newer and better ones.

Time has a completely different meaning to us

In our former lives, we were only as good as our last game. A bad week or even a bad night can cost you your job… The pace of business accelerates exponentially. The slow footed get run over. When we encounter a difficult situation we deal with it immediately. In a hockey or football game, we make critical adjustments to our strategy on the spot. If you have a weakness you correct it immediately or continue to get beat. We’re used to finding solutions in a matter of hours or minutes, not weeks or months.

We have a winning mindset

Every one of our partners went through a rigorous and demanding process getting to the big leagues. The skills we developed on that journey serve us well in the business world. Our corporate culture stems from the resilience and decisiveness that comes from working in the most competitive environments on the planet.

Getting to the major leagues is one thing. Staying there is another. We understand that you have to produce if you want to stick around.

We have a remarkably powerful network

Our collective Rolodex puts us in touch with the right people at lightning speed. Our partners are highly networked themselves but that combined network has become one of the world’s unique business platforms. We have a presence in every major North American market and we’re the leading players in many industry niches.

We know what’s going on in the world

Our earlier careers taught us the demands of fitting into and remaining in the highest of high performance organizations. We understand the importance of continuous improvement and learning. We have superior access to both high level and grass roots information. It makes sense to think of us as long term partners in your success… We’re always up to date and never at an informational disadvantage.

We have fun ways of doing business

We have access to top tier venues that other companies just can’t match. As players we conducted business on the field, the ice, the diamond, the court and the track. Now we’ve moved upstairs to the skyboxes in the same venues that housed our athletic careers. Bringing the right people together is easier and happens much quicker when you can do it in an elite atmosphere like Madison Square Garden or Charlotte Motor Speedway.