To make real money you need real business models

There are lucrative industries we are perfectly positioned to dominate

To make real money you need real business models wrapped around products and services that are in high demand and you must be able to deliver them more efficiently than your competitors

The business models you see below require very little capital investment, and in relation to the negligible risk the rewards are inordinately high. When you join us you are immediately connected to nearly a trillion dollars of investment capital and teammates who are there to help you succeed. Success fees in our various corporate acquisition models are usually in the six figures and we are now competing for seven figure success fees.

Our Business Models

Here are things we are doing now

Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

We help people sell privately held companies. Our typical client is someone who has built a small empire and is now looking to sell all or part of it. We know the market, who is buying, how to value a company and how to market and close the deal. In these deals we act as the seller’s representative, which is known as working the “Sell Side” <<More

Private Equity Deal Origination

We have over one thousand privaty groups in our files and they collectively have over one trillion dollars of “dry powder”, or investable cash looking to buy companies and grow them. They are constantly asking us if we can steer opportunities their way and they are happy to pay us for the introductions. This is the “buy side” <<More

Sales and Marketing

Unless they have a network like ours, our footprint and connectivity allows us to reach someone’s target customers far more efficiently than they could for themselves. We help people sell popular commodities through our massive social network, and we help companies sell cutting edge products and services Business to Business through our extensive corporarte relationships.  

Rapid Introductions and Facilitation

According to the six degrees of separation theory you are only six connections away from anyone in the world. The problem is that every additional connection makes it exponentially harder to make contact. We can shorten that chain and make it exponentially easier to connect. <<More

Commercial and Hard Money Lending

We can finance up to $5,000,000 in five days or less, and up to $100,000,000  <<More

We've already built the infrastructure

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