The reality of retirement

At some point, you knew your playing career would end

How do you go from this...

When a professional athlete’s career is over, he learns very quickly that he is on his own. Some leave the game with plenty to show for it, others leave with little or nothing. Either way, he has four or five more decades to live.

It’s hard for an athlete to prepare for the next phase of his life, which usually begins before he’s thirty. When you are playing in the bigs you just don’t have time to worry about it. Besides, you don’t control anything anyway. You could be traded at any time. You could be sent to the minors. You don’t play where you want to, you play for who drafts you. Or who trades for you. Or whoever is willing to sign you as a free agent. It’s an uncertain life and not conducive to your future stability.

Most guys understand the tradeoff and simply decide to deal with life after the game when the time comes. Cowards we are not. But no amount of mental toughness and resolve can prepare you for the void you feel when suddenly you’re not part of a highly testosterone driven culture of performance and achievement. Our studies show that the biggest problem an ex-athlete faces is that he is no longer surrounded by his peers. 

When you played you had uncommonly close relationships with teammates you battled with on a regular basis. You were coached, mentored and trained by the best people money can buy. You lived an extraordinary life. It’s a tough jolt when you have to join the real world. It takes luck to find a satisfying post-career situation. Many don’t and struggle. Many live lives of quiet desperation. Many engage in self destructive behavior.When you don’t have that support network anymore depression can set in quickly.

To this?

It’s time we started taking care of of each other. We are building a business platform for athletes, by athletes to recreate the culture of performance and pride that we are accustomed to. We have a winning mindset and skills we developed along the way that make us very effective in the business world. 

People have been trying to unite the world of professional athletes for business purposes for years. It’s never worked until now, because the athletes themselves never brought any real value to the table. Most alumni activity has revolved around golf outings, podcasts, autograph sessions and charity events. Great fun but not lucrative. To make real money you need  business models wrapped around products and services that are in demand. 

There are several industries that we are eminently suited not only to compete in but to dominate. We have competive edges we’ve never used. Individually, most of us are just interesting guys with some great stories. Collectively, we are ready to be the one of the most powerful groups on the planet. We invite you to join us and help us build our winning team!

We have the most powerful network in the world and we've never used it

We have the most powerful network in the world…

And we’ve never used it!
It would take hundreds of millions of dollars to for someone to create the network we already have, if it could be done at all. Take a look at our assets:

1. Our Collective Footprint 

There are fifty major league cities in North America, and we are building a team in every one of them. In every one of these markets there is tremendous opportunity. Every market has companies for sale. Every one of these markets has customers we can approach on behalf of our associates. We have boots on the ground everywhere. People will pay us very well to represent them if they don't have to put their own boots on the ground. The biggest companies in the world spend billions every year trying to reach each other. We are the only group in the world that has a presence like this and is not cashing in on it.
Our footprint mirrors that of the largest corporations in the United States. Every Fortune 500 or Inc 5000 company is close to one of our markets. And we have services that every one of these companies uses. We intend to be a portal to the Fortune companies and an internal portal for them to each other.
Important people know how to insulate themselves. Having well known alumni from major college athletic conferences makes it much easier to make introductions and establish relationships.

2. Our Collective Influence

We are the biggest influencers in the world, with millions of followers on multiple platforms. 

Outside of the superstars very few of us are monetizing this medium that we collectively dominate.

When we band together and start using social media in an intelligent and coordinated manner we will have a network that costs us nothing to use and reaches almost every consumer in the country. We have no fixed costs. Someone else pays for the servers. Someone else invested the seed money that became the platforms. Someone who sells through social media pays nothing to cable networks or advertising agents. There is no more powerful medium in the world, it costs us nothing to use it, and for all intents and purposes we are the most noticeable users. And we barely make a dime with it.

A united network with hundreds or more well known athletes using their social media influence would be incredibly powerful, certainly as a vendor of commodites, but even moreso as a collector of information relating to supply and demand for any numbers of industries. We have mandates from investment groups looking deploy billions of dollars of capital. This network would bring a new level of efficiency that would plug us into the biggest business arenas in the world.

3. Our Undeniable Cachet

We pack stadiums... lawyers and bankers don't. If you put one second string tackle from an NFL team into a room with a dozen bank CEOs, who would get most of the attention?  If you came in to your law office one day and there were eleven messages on your desk from ten bankers and a player on your favorite NHL team, which one would you answer first? We are built around these realities!

If you were a busy VIP and your secretary called you and said “Some guys from the New York Rangers called and would like you to join them Friday night at Madison Square Garden, would that get your attention?

The media world has concocted a culture in which athletes are idolized and their importance exaggerated.That irrational exhuberance is the essence of our value proposition. People take our calls. People answer our emails. People want to talk to us! That is valuable in and of itself but when you connect that reality to the business world some amazing things happen.

4. Our Collective Rolodex

The New York Times says that Americans will usually know more than six hundred people in their lifetime. No data exists on this, but it is a certainty that the average retired professional athlete has bigger social circle with far more successful and influential people than the average Joe. 

The more people in a network, the more effective it becomes. But when the people connecting on that network are all highly connected themselves, the organization becomes exponentially more effective every time we add a member. 

There are two basic phrases understood by everybody in the marketing business, “Unique Selling Proposition” and “Call to Action”. 

Here’s our Unique Selling Proposition: “We have highly respected people with contacts and influence everywhere in the country, we have billions of dollars of investment capital available, and we are here to help you”.

Anybody else who can say that has invested a nine figure sum to be able to say so.

Here’s our Call to Action: “Who can we introduce you to?”

When you know the people we know and have the connections we do, that is a very powerful question. Click here to see an example of how our network helps us to do things no other group in the world could do. 

To make real money you need real business models

To make real money you need real business models

There are lucrative industries we are perfectly positioned to dominate

To make real money you need real business models wrapped around products and services that are in high demand and you must be able to deliver them more efficiently than your competitors

The business models you see below require very little capital investment, and in relation to the negligible risk the rewards are inordinately high. When you join us you are immediately connected to nearly a trillion dollars of investment capital and teammates who are there to help you succeed. Success fees in our various corporate acquisition models are usually in the six figures and we are now competing for seven figure success fees.

Our Business Models

Here are things we are doing now

Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

We help people sell privately held companies. Our typical client is someone who has built a small empire and is now looking to sell all or part of it. We know the market, who is buying, how to value a company and how to market and close the deal. In these deals we act as the seller’s representative, which is known as working the “Sell Side” <<More

Private Equity Deal Origination

We have over one thousand privaty groups in our files and they collectively have over one trillion dollars of “dry powder”, or investable cash looking to buy companies and grow them. They are constantly asking us if we can steer opportunities their way and they are happy to pay us for the introductions. This is the “buy side” <<More

Sales and Marketing

Unless they have a network like ours, our footprint and connectivity allows us to reach someone’s target customers far more efficiently than they could for themselves. We help people sell popular commodities through our massive social network, and we help companies sell cutting edge products and services Business to Business through our extensive corporarte relationships.  

Rapid Introductions and Facilitation

According to the six degrees of separation theory you are only six connections away from anyone in the world. The problem is that every additional connection makes it exponentially harder to make contact. We can shorten that chain and make it exponentially easier to connect. <<More

Commercial and Hard Money Lending

We can finance up to $5,000,000 in five days or less, and up to $100,000,000  <<More

We've already built the infrastructure

Our culture is similar to what you are accustomed to

We approach the business world the way we played the game

Our culture is similar to what you remember from your playing days. “Let’s try to get third place” said no coach ever. We are looking to become the market leader everywhere we choose to participate. We’re not interested in industries where we can simply compete. We compete where we can dominate, and we do it with a chip on our shoulder.

We play to our strengths

There are certain environments where we are in our element and it’s easy to cultivate and grow relationships and we use them frequently. 


Sports bars are a great place to host a meet and greet with attorneys, bankers and CPAs, especially on Monday football nights. The golf course is a great place to get to know someone and cement a relationship. And if your alumni association provides you game tickets and skybox access, whoever you bring will always return your call quickly.

We’re not intimidated by anyone

If you can execute an NFL playbook or the gameplan of any professional sport there is nothing that you will encounter in the investment banking world that you can’t handle. Although a lot of our competitors have MBA’s and advanced degrees, we went to school ourselves and have a sophisticated understanding of the world. 

We’re light on our feet

We come from an innovative culture. We aren’t afraid to draw up new plays and we’re used to adjusting our strategies on the spot. The sports we played change from day to day and week, and yesterday’s tactics are today’s failures. We are always looking for ways to reinvent ourselves and improve our organiazation.

We stress the fundamentals

Successful organizations orient themselves around the fundamental principles of economics: they are the football equivalent of running, blocking, and tackling.

Supply and Demand– We concentrate on activities where there are few people who can do what we do as well as we can. We are not interested in competing with the masses unless we can do it way better than them and far more efficiently.

Risk and Reward– We bet on ourselves by reducing the risk for people that do business with us. We take a lot of business from competitors who insist on up front fees. We’re happy to do this because we are playing in arenas that we know we are very good at.

Creation of Value– We leverage our contacts and influence to solve problems and create opportunities. We strive to create relationships instead of transactions and we begin every conversation with what’s in it for them. By doing so what’s in it for us becomes apparent quickly. 

Our core principles

  • We’ll invest as much time in you as you invest in us
  • We’ll mentor, coach you and set you up for success. And what you learn you will teach others
  • We don’t care what color you are… talent rules
  • We don’t require capital investment. We are not after your money. You only need invest your time
  • We expect everyone be a team builder and  contribute to the knowledge base. When one of us learns something all of us learn it.
  • In any gathering we are at we strive to be the poorest and the dumbest guys in the room. We associate ourselves with driven entrepreneurs who we can learn from and synergize with.
  • You don’t have to be a former superstar… anybody who made it to the bigs for even a day can be successful with us. It’s our collective status that we trade on.
  • We’ll respect the contacts you bring to the table. If we deal with them we’ll do it through you.
  • There is a heirarchy here not unlike the ones you are used to. If you threw together a team of good players that had never met each other, the leaders would assert themselves. That is happening with us right now!

We have a mission and a plan

We have a mission and a plan

We Are Rolling Out All Over North America

Axial, a large internet directory of investment capital sourcing rates us 17th in the nation among boutique investment banks. We are now ready to grow far and beyond… Here’s how we get to #1.

Step 1-Recruiting and Team Building

We are recruiting and building a team in every major league market and their respective submarkets. Every one of these markets will be a lucrative profit center. Every one of these markets has hundreds of companies looking for an exit strategy. Every one has companies looking to acquire companies and billions of dollars burning holes in their pockets.

They also have consumers that will buy certain commodities from us before they buy from anyone else. There are products and services that for others are hard to even get an appointment with a buyer where we can walk right in unannounced. 

And there are entrepreneurs who have become very successful in their city or region that we can help expand to other cities we operate in. With a team of well known athlete-influencers we will become the straw that stirs the drink in every city, but when we link our teams in every major market to every other in real time we have a world class business development organization.

Major League Markets
Every city, like Detroit has submarkets

When we have identified and installed a Managing Partner in a market, we will supply him with an initial dataset of contact information for the people in that market who have power, influence and synergy with us.  Those are the bankers, accountants and attorneys at the larger firms and the c-level executives of major corporations. We have value propositions for them that no one else can provide. 

Step 2- Promote Relentlessly and Build the Brand

Part of our outreach is through email. We have the most effective email capabilities in the world. Professional email facilitators are happy when five percent of their emails are opened. We’ve run campaigns where fifty percent are opened. That’s the difference between a pro athlete and an unknown, no matter how successful he is. On our website there is a value proposition for everyone in our initial dataset. We add to the dataset methodically. We are highly automated and when any email address is added to the local database an automatic drip campaign is invoked which goes straight to how a relationship with Players Capital Group can benefit the recipient. Different recipients get different messages. These campaigns always lead to lucrative potential engagements.

Step 3- Develop Business, Kick Ass, Close Deals and Grow

Just some of the things we will work with you on

  • How to work the leads we supply you with
  • How to develop your own leads
  • How to get a deal financed
  • How to develop a vast network of deal sources
  • How to position yourself against your competitors
  • How to keep a confidential deal confidential
  • How to find sellers for buyers
  • How to find buyers for sellers
  • How to value a company
  • How to control the lawyers and keep them from ruining a deal
  • How to recognize the people who have an incentive to help you get a deal done… and how to get them to do most of the work!

Remember what it’s like walking into the locker room the first morning you were on a new team? So do we. We’ll welcome you to the team and teach you the playbook quickly. We’ll get you in the game on day one!

We’ve already built the infrastructure

We’ve already invested in the tools you need to be successful. We’ve developed these tools over several years through trial and error and we continue to upgrade. When you join us you are immediately ready to go. We’ve knocked the kinks out of these tools and we’ll train you to use them

Data Management

We maintain an ever growing database of over one thousand private investment groups with over a trillion dollars of aggregate capital under management.

Email Marketing

Our email campaigns have an open rate ten times higher than any professional email facilitator can provide. This alone is proof of our unique ability.

Event Marketing

We host power gatherings that showcase our value propositions and build our presence in the market.


We talk to each face to face in real time whenever we want wherever we are.


Our website serves allows us to drive traffic that puts our numerous value propositions in front of clients and customers

Social Media

Our social media presence drives targets to our website where they receive numerous calls to action

Best Practices and Knowledge base

We pay attention to what is working for us and we constantly seek information and share it with each other. Just like when you played, we are always looking for ways to get better.

You need not risk money or buy in to our group in any way. The only thing you need to invest is your time. All you need to begin with us is internet access and a computer. However, the more you invest in your own technology hub the easier it will be for you to work the opportunities we steer you to. If your computer literacy is low we will work with you to raise your comfort level.risk

Your cell phone allows you to communicate on the fly but if you don’t have a computer your effectiveness will be limited.

Most of our resources require at least a laptop to be effective.

Most of us use multiple screens which allow you to multitask with ease

Some of us are a little obsessive about our work areas! 

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