A Quick Note to our Friends in the Legal Profession

Are you a law firm looking to increase revenues?

As an attorney, you bring value to your client in many ways…

You make sure he is compliant. You advise him on risk and liability issues. You make sure the agreements he enters into are in his favor.

Clients are hard to find. Most people don’t realize that lawyers have to prospect for business just like everybody else. Almost everyone agrees that it’s a lot easier to keep a client than to find a new one. But no one can dispute the fact that the more value you bring to your client relationship the more likely you are to keep that client.

This is the difference…

Our research tells us the biggest reason high level clients change their legal representation is that they feel the attorney is only providing reactive services. What if your client saw you as someone who actively helped him grow rather than just an expensive necessity?

A relationship with Players Capital Group can help you work smarter, not harder. When your client acquires companies, you get hired to do the legal work. He wins, we win and you win. When we have companies for sale we’ll let you know about them and you can advise the appropriate client. A win for everybody. If he has acquisition needs, let us know and we will identify and approach them through our vast and unique networks. Again, everybody wins. Now you are a driver for his growth, not just someone he has to write a check to to keep his ship on course. So why would he ever look elsewhere?

There is tremendous synergy between us in the Mergers and Acquisitions business and top business attorneys, but due to our unique capabilities and contacts we developed during years of competition at the major league level, we have even more to offer. Call us to find out how we can help you develop clients, keep clients and most importantly, generate revenues! This is a win for everybody! The only way to do business…

Let’s prosper together!

There are many ways a partnership between our organizations can benefit us both… Please let us know if you’d like to hear more.

A Quick Note to our Friends in the Banking Business

Is your bank interested in customer retention? How about new business?

As a mergers and acquisitions firm, we are frequently invited to introductory lunches by aggressive bankers looking for deal flow. They all tell us tell us “you are buying and selling companies and we have money to lend for those transactions!” While we enjoyed meeting them, they didn’t realize the inherent weakness in their value proposition. Having money to lend is great. But so does every other bank in town, and we’ve been approached by most of them.

Tired of picking up the check?

Closing deals is the name of the game… it’s how you get paid. Banking is a relationship-based business if there ever was one. Let’s talk about how you can create some real value in your banking relationships… not just to us but the people that really matter… your clients! To truly make a difference to your customers, you must bring more value to them than your numerous competitors.

One thing we learned very early in our existence: Every time a business changes hands, there are winners and losers. The winners are everyone associated with the buyers. The biggest winner among them is the the buyer’s bank. They make money in several ways:

  • Acquisition Loan origination fees
  • Acquisition Loan interest
  • Payroll Services
  • Merchant Services
  • The additional daily deposits
This guy is not going to pick up the check, and he’s not going to become a customer either!

The buyer’s suppliers, accountants and attorneys also gain valuable accounts.

The losers, of course are everybody associated with the seller. If you were the seller’s banker, gone with no notice are accounts you’ve likely nurtured for years. And a competitor of yours is now the beneficiary of your excellent service over the years.

We have never been involved in a transaction where the seller’s bank knew it was about to lose a large account. Bankers pride themselves on many things and so do Mergers and Acquisitions professionals. Discretion is our biggest client mandate. We do these deals under tight securityRarely does anyone know that a company is going to be sold until the transaction is complete.

A relationship with Players Capital Group can help keep you on the winning side of this equation.

How we can work together

We are very active in the middle market. Our clients are usually generating between five million and a hundred million in revenues. They usually sell for no less than four times EBITDA. Nice business for any bank. Those are big loans and big daily deposits.

When you help a client grow by acquisition, you are adding value to your client relationshipHe grows his business and you grow yoursIn a business where it is very hard to distinguish yourself from your competitors, and almost impossible to develop a unique selling proposition, this is a very inexpensive way to increase business.

It costs you nothing to advise a client that owns twenty gas stations that we have ten available in the next town over that would fit right into his footprint, and that you’d be delighted to lend him the money for the acquisition. You need only keep your bankers informed of what we have available. Bankers that aggressively promote our mutual interests get first look and other perks. Ask us about them!

And while we can help you build your business, we can also help you keep it. You lose millions if not more to simple, easily preventable attrition. Ask us how we can help you reduce your attrition dramatically. You also lose millions more by passively allowing competitors to close deals and gain accounts that you could have easily had by being proactive. Your bank could experience tremendous added revenue by recognizing and methodically acting on the synergies between our respective occupations. It starts with our respective senior management developing and cultivating relationships, and then learning from and building on our successes. Depending on your corporate culture, what we are proposing can be as formal or as informal as it needs to be. 

Let us help you bring real and dynamic value to your banking relationships. We love deals that are a win for everyone. The only way to do business!

Let’s prosper together!

If you would kindly fill out this form we will be in touch to tailor a specific plan to boost your revenues, help you retain customers and develop new ones!

A Quick Note To our Friends in the Accounting Business

Are you CPA firm looking to increase revenues?

Does this sound familiar?

Your client calls and asks for all the tax returns and P&L’s you generated for him over the last five years. You provide them and one day you learn that he has sold his business and retired. If you’re lucky, you prepare one more tax return and never hear from him again.

We are in the business of helping people buy and sell companies. In every deal we’ve ever done we were hired by the seller because we approached him and offered our services. Rarely do we see a CPA get actively involved with a client’s exit strategy, which frankly seems strange to us…

Consider the fact that you may have spent a dozen or more years looking after your client’s financial interests. You may have saved him thousands of dollars with proper tax planning. You may have helped him make a lot of money by providing a clear understanding of which parts of his operation are profitable and which are not. And when it is time for him to retire and enjoy the fruits of his labor, he leaves a lot more than you ever saved him on the table, thanks to an ineffective performance by his business broker. So at the end of a long and rewarding relationship you get a handshake and he gets a haircut. A lose-lose deal.

Here is a fact. The quality of the books you keep for him are directly proportional to his enterprise value when he decides to exit. The clearer the financial picture, the less risk there is to the prospective buyer. A business with fuzzy books will never bring top dollar. And since most entrepreneurs sell their businesses at some point, whether you realize it or not, from the minute he hired you as his CPA you have been a huge part of his transition team. Preparing the financials for his exit is something only you can do. And we can help you do it better.

A well planned and successful exit should be a coordinated effort between ownership and several professionals including accountants, attorneys, bankers, appraisers and financial planners, captained by the M&A advisor. Notice we said professionals… not amateurs. Professionals get paid for their work. Positioning a company for an eventual sale is not the same as keeping the company legal as far as the IRS is concerned. It takes extra time and diligence to prepare a company for sale. And unless the financial picture is crystal clear, that company will never be sold in the optimal manner… quickly, quietly, at a premium, in a private process that never sees the open market.

Here’s our value proposition to you: When you have a client who may be considering a sale, introduce him to us. We will pay you 25% of the fee we generate for selling his business, as a member of our team, in return for going the extra mile to portray the client’s financials in the best possible light. In a hypothetical sale of the type we are contemplating, say we sell the client’s company for $10,000,000. If we earned a fee of 4%, that’s a commission of $400,000. Instead of a “thank you” you now get a 100k parting gift, which might be a lot more than you made in the lifetime of the account.

This is a highly ethical arrangement. There are no conflicts of interest. We get an engagement we may have never gotten. You get an “exit fee” that may be more than you made in the lifetime of the account, and most importantly the client gets a far more effective team working on his behalf.

And that’s just where it starts. We have a platform that can help you win new clients and keep the valuable ones you already have. Talk to us  to learn more!

Let’s prosper together!

There are many ways a partnership between our organizations can benefit us both… Let us know a little about you and we’ll be in touch!

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