Next Generation Video Security

Your video security technology is severely limited.

Today’s video security technology is based on outdated 1990s client/server architecture, leaving several costly and unnecessary deficiencies: 

  • All actions and reactions are limited to human response times. The time it takes to search mountains of video data for objects or persons of interest are time consuming and error prone.
  • Difficult to migrate to the cloud and difficult to scale to over 100 cameras
  • Labor costs are high for human operators to monitor the videos and effectively respond to events.

We offer the next generation of security.

This is the industry’s first Artificial Intelligence, Hyper-converged, Big Data video search system in an All-In-One software solution. Our products and its technologies are the results of over 300 man years of R&D, solving serious security problems for government, corporate and educational organizations. 

Threat detection

  • Immediate detection of weapons in real time
  • Immediate detection of unauthorized people
  • Immediate notification to police, smart phones and email addresses


Known shoplifters are identified upon approaching store. Notification goes to management and security personnel immediately.


Unknown or unauthorized persons immediately flagged before gaining access to grounds. Authorized visitors are flagged when entering controlled areas

School and Stadium

Weapons are detected even before they are used and authorities immediately summoned.


Fugitives or suspected terrorists immediately identified and authorities alerted.


Incident Management

Case 1: Incident has occurred:

Faster time-to-target via rapid review + pinpoint search through large data volume when exact information about the incident is not known. Example: Child goes missing in a store. Parent informs security the child was wearing blue sneakers and had a green teddybear. Software immediately locates specified combination and locates child.

Case 2: Incident might have occurred

Rapid review of video content to check for shrinkage, vandalism, theft, violations, etc. and protect customers, employees and assets. Example: Store stocks 20 Sanyo 55″ TVs. All 20 gone and only 10 accounted for. Software immediately identifies and unarchives footage of every Sanyo TV leaving shelves.

Early Adopters

US Drug Enforcement Administration

ESPN Sports Network

City of San Francisco, CA

Return on Investment

Your guy draws a salary and works quickly for a human being

Our guy draws no salary and works at the speed of light

Reduced skilled labor costs of video analysis results in a 100% return on investment in an average of six months.  What is harder to quantify is the value of human life preserved!


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