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Our venture capital and corporate acquisitions activities have introduced us to world class service companies that can give you actionable insight, reduce your risk and add to your bottom line. We have assembled the best and brightest of these companies in a one stop shop of specialists.

Debt Restructuring

With a good plan, debt can be stretched out or delayed or simply reduced. The law is clear on this and allows the debtor many options to address these issues. But, you only have one chance to make this work. Positioned thoughtfully and strategically, much can be accomplished but without a really good plan things will stay the same, or worse. We work with lenders at all levels of the debt stack. If there is a solution to your balance sheet, we can help you define it.

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Corporate Turnaround Strategies

The secret to a successful business turnaround is full stakeholder participation. When everyone does their part, solutions are easier. Results come faster and recoveries are greater. Business owners need the skills and courage to maximize cash generation and profits. And if they do that we can convince the stakeholders to do their part; Lenders will keep lending, Customers will keep consuming, Workers will keep working and Suppliers will keep supplying. A well crafted and presented turnaround plan can gain that critical support when it is needed most.

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Next Generation Video Security

Your video security technology is severely limited. Today’s video security technology is based on outdated 1990s client/server architecture, leaving several costly and unnecessary deficiencies.

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Corporate Debt Collection

Is your AR out of control? We’ll provide you with the most complete and competitive service in the industry. Committed to service, our approach introduces fresh new philosophies and technology to provide superior Accounts Receivable Management.

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Public Adjusting and Loss Mitigation

Independent public adjusters are invaluable members of your insurance claim settlement team for help in dealing with commercial or residential catastrophic loss. You don’t go to court without an attorney, do you? Or handle complex tax and finance issues without a CPA or accountant? Negotiating a claim after a devastating event such as a fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane or any natural disaster is a monumental task. It’s your responsibility to prove the entire value of your claim with full support to the insurance company. They will use their team to attempt to minimize the loss. That’s where we come in. WorldClaim Global Claims

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This is Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, NY. There are hundreds of private investment groups within a mile of this storied venue who control trillions of dollars of investment capital. Many of our partners played here and we frequently entertain the investors that control this capital at New York Rangers home games. This is a very effective way to drive deals and cultivate relationships!

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