Our culture is similar to what you are accustomed to

We approach the business world the way we played the game

Our culture is similar to what you remember from your playing days. “Let’s try to get third place” said no coach ever. We are looking to become the market leader everywhere we choose to participate. We’re not interested in industries where we can simply compete. We compete where we can dominate, and we do it with a chip on our shoulder.

We play to our strengths

There are certain environments where we are in our element and it’s easy to cultivate and grow relationships and we use them frequently. 


Sports bars are a great place to host a meet and greet with attorneys, bankers and CPAs, especially on Monday football nights. The golf course is a great place to get to know someone and cement a relationship. And if your alumni association provides you game tickets and skybox access, whoever you bring will always return your call quickly.

We’re not intimidated by anyone

If you can execute an NFL playbook or the gameplan of any professional sport there is nothing that you will encounter in the investment banking world that you can’t handle. Although a lot of our competitors have MBA’s and advanced degrees, we went to school ourselves and have a sophisticated understanding of the world. 

We’re light on our feet

We come from an innovative culture. We aren’t afraid to draw up new plays and we’re used to adjusting our strategies on the spot. The sports we played change from day to day and week, and yesterday’s tactics are today’s failures. We are always looking for ways to reinvent ourselves and improve our organiazation.

We stress the fundamentals

Successful organizations orient themselves around the fundamental principles of economics: they are the football equivalent of running, blocking, and tackling.

Supply and Demand– We concentrate on activities where there are few people who can do what we do as well as we can. We are not interested in competing with the masses unless we can do it way better than them and far more efficiently.

Risk and Reward– We bet on ourselves by reducing the risk for people that do business with us. We take a lot of business from competitors who insist on up front fees. We’re happy to do this because we are playing in arenas that we know we are very good at.

Creation of Value– We leverage our contacts and influence to solve problems and create opportunities. We strive to create relationships instead of transactions and we begin every conversation with what’s in it for them. By doing so what’s in it for us becomes apparent quickly. 

Our core principles

  • We’ll invest as much time in you as you invest in us
  • We’ll mentor, coach you and set you up for success. And what you learn you will teach others
  • We don’t care what color you are… talent rules
  • We don’t require capital investment. We are not after your money. You only need invest your time
  • We expect everyone be a team builder and  contribute to the knowledge base. When one of us learns something all of us learn it.
  • In any gathering we are at we strive to be the poorest and the dumbest guys in the room. We associate ourselves with driven entrepreneurs who we can learn from and synergize with.
  • You don’t have to be a former superstar… anybody who made it to the bigs for even a day can be successful with us. It’s our collective status that we trade on.
  • We’ll respect the contacts you bring to the table. If we deal with them we’ll do it through you.
  • There is a heirarchy here not unlike the ones you are used to. If you threw together a team of good players that had never met each other, the leaders would assert themselves. That is happening with us right now!

We have a mission and a plan

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