You Have More Capital Than You Think

Financial capital is the money, credit, and other forms of funding that build wealth.

Political capital refers to the goodwill, trust and influence that politicians or organizations earn or build up through the pursuit of policies that people like or respect.

Intellectual capital refers to the intangible assets that contribute to a company’s bottom line. These assets include the expertise of employees, organizational processes, and sum of knowledge contained within the organization.

Legacy Capital is the capital you were born with or inherit. It includes money, family ties, connections and advantages not available to others born into less fortunate circumstances

Emotional Capital, sometimes known as Goodwill, is a positive or admiring attitude toward other people, countries, or organizations including but not limited to friendliness, favor, friendship and benevolence. 

Due to the world’s love of professional sports  at the highest level, we at Players Capital Group have a tremendous amount of Emotional Capital, and we can put it to work for you. Click here for an example:

Combining different forms of capital in a single pursuit is a force multiplier

How could you use our capital in conjunction with your own?

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