We’ve already built the infrastructure

We’ve already invested in the tools you need to be successful. We’ve developed these tools over several years through trial and error and we continue to upgrade. When you join us you are immediately ready to go. We’ve knocked the kinks out of these tools and we’ll train you to use them

Data Management

We maintain an ever growing database of over one thousand private investment groups with over a trillion dollars of aggregate capital under management.

Email Marketing

Our email campaigns have an open rate ten times higher than any professional email facilitator can provide. This alone is proof of our unique ability.

Event Marketing

We host power gatherings that showcase our value propositions and build our presence in the market.


We talk to each face to face in real time whenever we want wherever we are.


Our website serves allows us to drive traffic that puts our numerous value propositions in front of clients and customers

Social Media

Our social media presence drives targets to our website where they receive numerous calls to action

Best Practices and Knowledge base

We pay attention to what is working for us and we constantly seek information and share it with each other. Just like when you played, we are always looking for ways to get better.

You need not risk money or buy in to our group in any way. The only thing you need to invest is your time. All you need to begin with us is internet access and a computer. However, the more you invest in your own technology hub the easier it will be for you to work the opportunities we steer you to. If your computer literacy is low we will work with you to raise your comfort level.risk

Your cell phone allows you to communicate on the fly but if you don’t have a computer your effectiveness will be limited.

Most of our resources require at least a laptop to be effective.

Most of us use multiple screens which allow you to multitask with ease

Some of us are a little obsessive about our work areas! 

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