If you were a professional athlete you need to read this

Did you ever play in one of these leagues?

We could use your help spending a trillion dollars!

People have been trying to unite the world of ex-professional athletes for business purposes for years. It’s never worked until now, simply because the business models never offered real value to anyone.. We have created a private business and investment banking platform for athletes, by athletes, to share opportunity and maximize our considerable skills and contacts. 

Individually, we are all very interesting guys with some great stories, but collectively we could become one of the most powerful groups in the world. We have skills and assets we’ ve never made use of, and there are areas of the multi-billion dollar investment banking and marketing industries that we can not only compete in but dominate.

When you join us, you are immediately connected to over a trillion dollars of investment capital. The people that manage this money recognize that our star power is invaluable when it comes to bringing opportunities to the table. They call and email us every day asking for our help. When deals close we earn six figure fees and we are now adding a zero to that. We can only handle a small fraction of the business available to us. That’s where you come in. 

The recent COVID-19 epidemic has changed the economy and the business landscape forever.  We are preparing for the new reality. Many people and companies have been devastated but there is tremendous opportunity right now for us to help shape the new economy. 

If you are looking to regain the identity you had as an elite performer and want to be part of an exciting team again please keep reading!

1. The reality of retirement

When a professional athlete’s career is over, he learns very quickly that he is on his own

2. We have the most powerful network in the world and we've never used it

It would take hundreds of millions of dollars to recreate what we already have

3. To make real money you need real business models

There are lucrative industries we are perfectly positioned to dominate

4. We've already built the infrastructure

We have invested heavily in the tools you need to be successful

5. Our culture is similar to what you are accustomed to

We approach the business world the way we played the game

6. We have a mission and a plan

We are rolling out all over North America

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we have made several million dollars in the Mergers and Acquisitions business and we are just getting started. Our average success fee is in the $250,000 range, but we are now pursuing bigger deals with bigger investors. That’s where you come in…
No. You can continue to work, and frequently there will be synergy between us and your employer. Your position with us could make you more valuable to your employer and you are welcome to use this platform to further your company’s interests as well as your own.
Of course, if you want to work with us full or part time exclusively with no other job you can do that as well.
Anyone who played in the major leagues of sport can join the platform as a partner. Also, anyone who coached or managed at that level and any registered player agent of any of those leagues. We also offer VIP memberships to investors and executives who see the value of our network on a case by case basis.

There is no limit. Business at the highest levels is about managing information and seizing opportunity. No one is better than us at that. The more of us using the platform the more effective we will become and the more lucrative it will be. 

The guys in the business world you read about that are making millions and billions are no smarter than we are, and we have advantages that they can’t compete with when we start using our collective energy and resources.

You can start managing relationships for us immediately. We will introduce you to people at private equity, family office and hedge fund groups with billions of dollars under management, as well as Fortune 500 and other major companies. You simply need to find out what they are looking to invest in, and how much. Report that to us and we’ll get busy looking for it.

Once you begin a relationship with an investment group and bring them into our world, that relationship is yours to develop and capitalize on, to your benefit and ours as long as you remain with us.

This isn’t brain surgery. We can teach you in an hour 80% of what you will ever need to know about private equity business development. Most of the deal sourcing efforts revolve aound just a few simple metrics, and we will teach you all the buzzwords. We will aggressively train you and help you find your way around. With us, you won’t be a rookie for long.

This is the opportunity you have been looking for!  There is no salary cap! Click below and we'll be in touch!

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