We’re Market Makers

A market maker stands ready acting as a seller to all buyers and a buyer to all sellers. He knows what’s happening in his market. Who is buying, who is selling, if supply is up, if demand is down and a dozen other daily indicators. He’s up to date an all the recent transactions.

We’re not a classic intermediary because more often we act in concert with a principal buyer as an active partner. In any industry we’re involved in, we know the numbers, we know the insiders, we know who’s in acquisition mode, we know who wants to finance transactions in those sectors and we know the supply chain from beginning to end. If you have a business you would like to exit, we can find you a buyer. If you want to add to the empire you are building, we will identify and approach potential targets on your behalf. We may or may not retain an equity stake in the transaction but when we do we frequently take an active role in the management and board of directors. We may arrange a new capital injection, ultimately identifying board members and management than can effectively bring the company’s product/service to the market.

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