We Have a Very Powerful Network

And we’ve never used it!

People have been trying to unite the world of ex-professional athletes for business purposes for years. It’s never worked until now, simply because the athletes themselves never offered any real value to anyone. Autographs, charity events, podcasts and personal appearances are only worth so much. To make real money you need real business models that deliver real value, and there are areas of the multi-billion dollar investment banking and marketing industries that we can not only compete in but dominate.

There isn't a single word in any of these logos but any man in America could tell you who they represent. This is a great example of the brand identity that makes our network so effective.

Take a look at the brands above. Our brand is an amalgamation of the name recognition and loyalty of all of them! Below are the  individual elements of what will become a very powerful organization when we come together as a team and coordinate our efforts around viable business models.

Our Geographic Footprint

There are retired major league athletes in every major city in America. We have someone close to everyone in the Fortune 500 and the Inc 5000. This enables us to develop productive relationships at very low cost and there is business we can do with all of them


The maps above and below nearly mirror each other!

Our Alumni Footprint

There are retired pro athletes that are graduates of every Division One university in the USA. Having well known alumni from major college athletic conferences makes it much easier to establish relationships and deliver value propositions with corporations through influential alumni of these institutions.

Our Social Media Presence

We are the biggest influencers in the world, with millions of followers on multiple platforms. 

When we band together and start using social media in an intelligent and coordinated manner we will have a network that costs us nothing to use and reaches almost every consumer in the country. There are no significant costs. Someone else pays for the servers. Someone else invested the seed money that became the platforms. There is no more powerful medium in the world, it costs us little to nothing to use it, and for all intents and purposes we are the most visible users.

Our Undeniable Cachet

We pack stadiums. Lawyers and bankers don’t. If you put one second string tackle from an NFL team into a room with a dozen bank CEOs, who would get most of the attention?  If you came into your law office one day and there were eleven messages on your desk from ten bankers and a player on your favorite NHL team, which one would you answer first?

If you were a busy VIP and your secretary called you and said “Some guys from the New York Rangers called and would like you to join them at Madison Square Garden Friday night for the Toronto game, would that get your attention? 

The media world has concocted a culture in which athletes are idolized and their importance exaggerated. That irrational exhuberance is the essence of our value proposition. People take our calls. People answer our emails. People want to talk to us! We are built around these realities! 

Our Connectivity

Our footprint, our alumni relations and our reputation as elite performers have allowed us to develop relationships with investor groups who manage billions of dollars of institutional capital, and the number of those relationships continue to grow. And due to our negligible cost basis, our social media channels also help us develop relationships with public and private companies looking for ways to promote their brands and sell products and services. 

Who else can say this?

We have highly respected people with contacts, influence and reach everywhere in the country, we have billions of dollars of investment capital available, we are here to help you”.

When you can make this statement, you have a very powerful enterprise. When we build this out fully we will generate millions of dollars of business.

This network didn’t spring up overnight. We’ve just never taken advantage of it. We’ve been capitalizing this brand one wind sprint, one pushup and one bench press at a time since professional sports started over a hundred and twenty years ago, and now we are going to build it out for the benefit of us all.

Our Core Services

Take our Corporate Tuneup!

This is Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, NY. There are hundreds of private investment groups within a mile of this storied venue who control trillions of dollars of investment capital. Many of our partners played here and we frequently entertain the investors that control this capital at New York Rangers home games. This is a very effective way to drive deals and cultivate relationships!

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