We have the most powerful network in the world and we’ve never used it

It would take hundreds of millions of dollars to for someone to create the network we already have. Here’s why: Take a look at our assets:
Our undeniable cachet

If you put one second string tackle from an NFL team into a room with a dozen bank CEOs, who would get most of the attention? 

If you came in to your law office one day and there were eleven messages on your desk from ten bankers and a player on your favorite NHL team, which one would you answer first?

And if you have access to Alumni tickets your proposition gets even stronger. When a big shot’s secretary calls him and says “Some guys from the Lions just called and they want you to join them at the game on Monday night”, what do you think he does?

The media world has concocted a culture in which athletes are idolized and their importance exaggerated.That irrational exhuberance is the essence of our value proposition. People take our calls. People answer our emails. People want to talk to us! That is valuable!

Our Collective Footprint 

There are fifty major league cities in North America, and we are building a team in every one of them. In every one of these markets opportunity abounds. Every market has companies for sale. Every one of these markets has customers we can approach on behalf of our associates. We have boots on the ground everywhere. People will pay us very well to represent them if they don’t have to put their own boots on the ground. The biggest companies in the world spend billions every year trying to reach each other. We are the only group in the world that has a presence like this and is not cashing in on it.


Our footprint virtually mirrors that of the largest corporations in the United States. Every Fortune 500 or Inc 5000 company is close to one of us. And we have services that every one of these companies uses. We intend to be a portal to the Fortune companies and an internal portal for them to each other.

Sometimes you can’t meet a guy who works across the street. Important people know how to insulate themselves. If the target went to college (how many VIP’s didn’t?) we probably have someone who went to school with him. Having alumni of almost every major college athletic conferences makes it much easier to make introductions and establish relationships.

Our Collective Influence

We are the biggest influencers in the world. The biggest names in sports have millions of followers on multiple platform, and almost any athlete either retired or active has tens of thousands. Those with the biggest followings like the ones you see above have people coming to them regularly to help them promote products and services, and they are paid millions. 

Cristiano Ronaldo86,198,92226,946,1785,619,886118,764,986
Leo Messi58,719,74903,477,86562,197,614
Dwayne Johnson35,378,3527,242,8893,725,48846,346,729
Lebron James19,536,50213,226,3775,764,78438,527,663
John Cena27,559,7086,231,210496,56234,287,480
Andres Iniesta20,317,1098,820,839813,32729,951,275
Mesut Ozil20,139,7126,147,7981,044,19527,331,705

The rest of us kid ourselves into thinking that we have a “brand”. If someone is paying you a lot of money you have a brand. Otherwise you have followers, and many of them are following hundreds of other athletes. Sadly, outside of the superstars very few of us are monetizing this medium that we collectively dominate. 

When we band together and start using social media in an intelligent and coordinaated manner we will have a network that costs us nothing to use and reaches almost every consumer in the country. We have no fixed costs. Someone else pays for the servers. Someone else invested the seed money that became the platforms. Someone who sells through social media pays nothing to cable networks or advertising agents. There is no more powerful medium in the world, it costs us nothing to use it, and for all intents and purposes we are the most noticeable users. And we barely make a dime with it.

A united network with hundreds or more well known athletes using their social media influence would be incredibly powerful, certainly as a vendor of commodites, but even moreso as a collector of information relating to supply and demand for the mergers and acquisitions industry. We have mandates from investment groups looking deploy billions of dollars. This network would bring a new level of efficiency that would plug us into the biggest business arenas in the world.

Our Collective Rolodex

The New York Times says that Americans will usually know more than six hundred people in their lifetime. No data exists on this, but it is a certainty that the average retired professional athlete has bigger social circle with far more successful and influential people than the average Joe. 

The more people in a network, the more effective it becomes. But when the people connecting on that network are all highly connected themselves, the organization becomes exponentially more effective every time we add a member. 

There are two basic phrases understood by everybody in the marketing business, “Unique Selling Proposition” and “Call to Action”. 

Here’s our Unique Selling Proposition: “We have highly respected people with contacts and influence everywhere in the country and we are helping to deploy billions of dollars of investment capital”.

Anybody who can say that has invested a nine figure sum to be able to say so.

Here’s our Call to Action: “Who can we introduce you to?

When you know the people we know and have the connections we do, that is a very powerful question. Click here to see how our network helps us to do things no other group in the world could do. 

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