We have a mission and a plan

We have a uniquely effective network that allows us to deliver tremendous value to the biggest companies and investors in North America.

Our mission is to use this network to create a platform for retired professional athletes that amortizes the hard work and sacrifice of their sports career into real income opportunities and post career fulfillment and job satisfaction. To accomplish that, we have an ambitious plan to roll out all over North America. 


To make real money you need real business models wrapped around products and services that are in high demand and you must be able to deliver them more efficiently than your competitors. There are lucrative industries we are perfectly positioned to dominate.

The business models you see below require very little capital investment, and in relation to the negligible risk the rewards are inordinately high. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

There are thousands of private investment groups in the country and collectively they have over a trillion dollars of “dry powder”, or investable cash. Although every one of these groups have millions and/or billions of dollars under management, for all they do have, their executives are still nameless faceless suits to the owners of the companies they would like to buy. Very hard for them to get in touch witht he people they want to shower with cash.

For us, it’s much easier. When a well known local sports hero makes the initial overture it is almost always well received, and these groups are more than happy to pay us for the introductions. 

Sometimes we represent the investor groups, sometime we represent the sellers, and sometimes we indepently sponsor a deal and act in our own interests. The companies we deal with frequently have revenues of several hundred million dollars. We are not playing in the minor leagues. The fees we generate usually run well into the six figures and we are now competing for seven figure fees.

Axial, the premier online directory of investment capital sourcing rates us 17th in the nation among boutique investment banks. We are now ready to grow far and beyond. With your help we become #1!

Sales and Marketing

Unless they have a network like ours, our footprint and connectivity allows us to reach someone’s target customers far more efficiently than they could for themselves. We help companies sell products and services through our extensive social media contacts and we help companies sell business services through our network of bankers, attorneys and accountants.

In Development

We have several business models in development right now that will be lucrative and successful. The common thread is how our notoriety and connectivity create a competitive advantage.


We’ve talked a lot about the unique components of our network. Every time we add a member we become more effective.


There are fifty cities in North America with at least one team in the “Big 4” of pro sports, and we are building our own team in every one of them. It is our goal to be the dominant business influencers in every market by bringing relationship-based value to the most influential p[eople in the city. Every one of these markets will be a lucrative profit center. Every one of these markets has companies looking to acquire companies, companies looking for an exit strategy, and companies that can use our sales channels.

Professional Sports Markets in the "Big 4"

Every one of these markets is a unique ecosystem, but professional athletes are the most recognizable members of every one of these communities, and our ability to aggregate supply and demand in any one of them is powerful. When we link these individual markets to each other in our national database in real time, we become exponentially more powerful in each one of them. A good idea or an effective product or service being launched in any city can quickly me brought to the other 49.

Detroit, like every other major league city, has many submarkets that offer that same opportunities the bigger markets do.

Every major league market has its submarkets, and the value propositions are the same. Business in the secondary markets flow through and are considered a part of their respective major league market.

When we have identified and installed a Managing Partner in a market, we will supply him with an initial dataset of contact information for the people in that market who have power, influence and synergy with us.  Those are the bankers, accountants and attorneys at the larger firms and the c-level executives of major corporations. We have value propositions for them that no one else can provide. 


We build the platform in two ways:

  1. Using LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter and email to deliver our value propositions with website articles, event calendars, and testimonials. We develop the material in-house, share it with the members, and they share it with the world.
  2. By cultivating relationships instead of transactions. We help a company at any stage of their existence. When you deliver what people want and need instead of what serves your own needs, people appreciate it and remember you.


If you played in the NFL, you probably did wind sprints and grass drills until you puked. If you played in the NHL, you probably endured a lot of ten hour bus rides on your way up to the show. If you played on the PGA tour, you undoubtedly spent thousands of hours on the practice tee and putting green.

But you didn’t get there yourself. You had coaches that pushed you, held you accountable and made you better. We will support you, train you and help you maximize your experience. Once you’re comfortable, we’ll expect you to mentor others like a veteran player on your old teams.

Our Core Services

Take our Corporate Tuneup!

This is Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, NY. There are hundreds of private investment groups within a mile of this storied venue who control trillions of dollars of investment capital. Many of our partners played here and we frequently entertain the investors that control this capital at New York Rangers home games. This is a very effective way to drive deals and cultivate relationships!

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