We have a mission and a plan

We Are Rolling Out All Over North America

Axial, a large internet directory of investment capital sourcing rates us 17th in the nation among boutique investment banks. We are now ready to grow far and beyond… Here’s how we get to #1.

Step 1-Recruiting and Team Building

We are recruiting and building a team in every major league market and their respective submarkets. Every one of these markets will be a lucrative profit center. Every one of these markets has hundreds of companies looking for an exit strategy. Every one has companies looking to acquire companies and billions of dollars burning holes in their pockets.

They also have consumers that will buy certain commodities from us before they buy from anyone else. There are products and services that for others are hard to even get an appointment with a buyer where we can walk right in unannounced. 

And there are entrepreneurs who have become very successful in their city or region that we can help expand to other cities we operate in. With a team of well known athlete-influencers we will become the straw that stirs the drink in every city, but when we link our teams in every major market to every other in real time we have a world class business development organization.

Major League Markets
Every city, like Detroit has submarkets

When we have identified and installed a Managing Partner in a market, we will supply him with an initial dataset of contact information for the people in that market who have power, influence and synergy with us.  Those are the bankers, accountants and attorneys at the larger firms and the c-level executives of major corporations. We have value propositions for them that no one else can provide. 

Step 2- Promote Relentlessly and Build the Brand

Part of our outreach is through email. We have the most effective email capabilities in the world. Professional email facilitators are happy when five percent of their emails are opened. We’ve run campaigns where fifty percent are opened. That’s the difference between a pro athlete and an unknown, no matter how successful he is. On our website there is a value proposition for everyone in our initial dataset. We add to the dataset methodically. We are highly automated and when any email address is added to the local database an automatic drip campaign is invoked which goes straight to how a relationship with Players Capital Group can benefit the recipient. Different recipients get different messages. These campaigns always lead to lucrative potential engagements.

Step 3- Develop Business, Kick Ass, Close Deals and Grow

Just some of the things we will work with you on

  • How to work the leads we supply you with
  • How to develop your own leads
  • How to get a deal financed
  • How to develop a vast network of deal sources
  • How to position yourself against your competitors
  • How to keep a confidential deal confidential
  • How to find sellers for buyers
  • How to find buyers for sellers
  • How to value a company
  • How to control the lawyers and keep them from ruining a deal
  • How to recognize the people who have an incentive to help you get a deal done… and how to get them to do most of the work!

Remember what it’s like walking into the locker room the first morning you were on a new team? So do we. We’ll welcome you to the team and teach you the playbook quickly. We’ll get you in the game on day one!

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