Our Rapid Deployment Network

Recently we received a call from our friends at WorldClaim, the pre-eminent public adjusting firm in the world. Public adjusters represent insured people against their own insurers. Most people don’t realize that when your home or business burns to the ground or is destroyed by some other misfortune you don’t have to automatically accept what your insurance company offers in settlement. You can hire your own adjuster who knows the true value of your claim and will work with the insurance company to make sure you are paid every dime owed to you.

Their call was in regard to a Canadian oil boomtown, Fort McMurray, Alberta. The town had been leveled by a fire, and the New York Times estimated the damage at $9 billion dollars. They wanted to work those claims and help people who had sustained severe losses recover quickly, which is what they do. Their question was simple: Did we know anyone in that area with the influence to introduce them to people who needed their help?

For anybody but us, this would have been an impossible task. One of Players Capital Group’s Managing Partners, Jeff Brubaker had played for both the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers of the NHL, and was still in touch with several of his former teammates with both clubs.

His first call was to Jim Peplinski, who had been the captain of the Calgary Flames. Peplinski referred Brubaker to an insurance executive in Toronto who promptly referred him to several prominent Fort McMurray civic leaders. 

His second call was to PCG Partner Kevin McClelland, who had won four Stanley Cups in Edmonton during their glory days of the 80’s. Kevin said “Oh yeah, I still know several people up there… call this guy for starters”…

It’s a 38 hour drive from Atlanta to Fort McMurray. In less time than it took WorldClaim to drive their disaster response vehicles up there we had introduced them to a $9 billion dollar market.

Who can we introduce you to?

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