The reality of retirement

At some point, you knew your playing career would end

How do you go from this...

When a professional athlete’s career is over, he learns very quickly that he is on his own. Some leave the game with plenty to show for it, others leave with little or nothing. Either way, he has four or five more decades to live.

It’s hard for an athlete to prepare for the next phase of his life, which usually begins before he’s thirty. When you are playing in the bigs you just don’t have time to worry about it. Besides, you don’t control anything anyway. You could be traded at any time. You could be sent to the minors. You don’t play where you want to, you play for who drafts you. Or who trades for you. Or whoever is willing to sign you as a free agent. It’s an uncertain life and not conducive to your future stability.

Most guys understand the tradeoff and simply decide to deal with life after the game when the time comes. Cowards we are not. But no amount of mental toughness and resolve can prepare you for the void you feel when suddenly you’re not part of a highly testosterone driven culture of performance and achievement. Our studies show that the biggest problem an ex-athlete faces is that he is no longer surrounded by his peers. 

When you played you had uncommonly close relationships with teammates you battled with on a regular basis. You were coached, mentored and trained by the best people money can buy. You lived an extraordinary life. It’s a tough jolt when you have to join the real world. It takes luck to find a satisfying post-career situation. Many don’t and struggle. Many live lives of quiet desperation. Many engage in self destructive behavior.When you don’t have that support network anymore depression can set in quickly.

To this?

It’s time we started taking care of of each other. We are building a business platform for athletes, by athletes to recreate the culture of performance and pride that we are accustomed to. We have a winning mindset and skills we developed along the way that make us very effective in the business world. 

People have been trying to unite the world of professional athletes for business purposes for years. It’s never worked until now, because the athletes themselves never brought any real value to the table. Most alumni activity has revolved around golf outings, podcasts, autograph sessions and charity events. Great fun but not lucrative. To make real money you need  business models wrapped around products and services that are in demand. 

There are several industries that we are eminently suited not only to compete in but to dominate. We have competive edges we’ve never used. Individually, most of us are just interesting guys with some great stories. Collectively, we are ready to be the one of the most powerful groups on the planet. We invite you to join us and help us build our winning team!

We have the most powerful network in the world and we've never used it

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