Players Capital Group is an investment banking partnership of former professional athletes
Our experience in professional sports translates well to the business world
Now our victories come at the closing table
We are highly connected and just as competitive as ever
We have fun ways of doing business
Combined with our incredible collective Rolodex, we have many ways to help you drive a deal
We develop great relationships because we understand they are driven by value
When we talk for the first time we'll start with what's in it for you!




We are Very Aggressive

none of us learned this business from other brokers or M&A firms. We started by selling businesses we owned, doing deals with the same approach and intensity we applied in our athletic careers. We had no idea how our competitors went about their business, but when we finally took a look at them we realized that they are utterly passive in every way. They rely on the internet to be found by prospective clients, and they rely on the internet for their listings to be found by buyers.


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